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as of February 2nd

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"How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay."

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❄ Jes - NB | she/they/he - 22 ❅
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Inkwell is a Discord server for any 2D visual artists, as well as writers, to share their work and seek guidance, feedback, and help from other members! Any person of any skill level is welcome to join, and we have separate channels for SFW and adult content. All subject matter is acceptable, be it furries, fanart, fanfiction, original work, etc.! Our main goal is to provide a safe, fun place for artists and writers of all kinds to get together and help one another improve (and to build some fantastic friendships)!

I can be very skittish in regards to socialising without some form of familiarity and I may not
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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 9:58 PM
You are worth more than all of the stars in the universe.

Where to start? Resources you can't live without? General tips, tricks, and pointers? 

I've been slowly getting back into worldbuilding myself, after a few years of hiatus due to mental and physical health constantly fucking up, I'm just hitting a bump in the road. There's just so much to do, that I want to do, that I'm getting a little overwhelmed with it all. 

I definitely have ideas, I'm just unsure where to start. Should I start designing the creatures first? Or the planet? The universe? Do I need to have a clear plot before I start, or is a general idea okay? What about resources: what do you recommend? Other works of fiction, tutorials or how-to's, educational resources (which I'd appreciate the most haha sweats)? 

Also, what made you want to start worldbuilding? Where did you start? How has the worldbuilding journey been for you?

I feel like I'm going about this wrong, which is almost definitely my overthinking things and wanting to be Perfect with everything I do.

You don't need to answer all these questions, I'm mostly looking for any advice or resources you have to give. I'm absolutely brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to work on these projects further. They're so important to me, and I'd really appreciate anything you have to give that might help me stop getting overwhelmed so that I can actually get started.

do you prefer closed species that are feral or anthro? 

29 deviants said the canon ability to be either
27 deviants said feral
17 deviants said the ability to be either, even if one is not canon
16 deviants said no preference
13 deviants said anthro
No deviants said other [comment]


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